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The OpenSees User pages are intended for users of the OpenSees applications:

  1. OpenSees.exe
  2. OpenSeesSP.exe
  3. OpenSeesMP.exe

These applications are all interpreters which interpret input written in an extended form of the Tcl programming language. The extensions to the Tcl language are for finite element analysis using the classes provided for in the OpenSees Framework.

User Documentation

The OpenSees Getting Started manual provides a step by step instruction on how to obtain, install, and use OpenSees. For users who have never used OpenSees or a command line interpreter, it is a useful document to read before you go any further.

The OpenSees Command Manual is now in wiki form. Users and code developers are encouraged to add and correct the manual as the see fit.
The Command Manual details those new commands that have been added to Tcl by the OpenSees interpreters.
In the command manual we only detail those commands added to Tcl for finite element programming.

The OpenSees group at Oregon State University has developed an OpenSees module for use in Python scripts. The Python interpreter is newly added to the OpenSees. All commands are in python formats.

The OpenSees group at Oregon State University has developed fluid-structure interaction modules for OpenSees based on the particle finite element method (PFEM). The FSI analysis is newly added to the OpenSees for problems such as Tsunami engineering.

  • Thermal

Commands have been added to OpenSees for modelling 'structures in fire'. It was first started at University of Edinburgh in 2009. More information can be found on the teams Github page.

The OpenSees Examples is a resource for OpenSees users, containing educational and practical examples for beginner through advanced users.
  • Cloud Computing

The OpenSees Cloud Computing is a resource for OpenSees users, containing resources on how and where to run OpenSees in the cloud. Users can run on OpenSees in the cloud on machines provided by Amazon-EC2 and resources made available through NEEShub.

Discovering OpenSees is a resource for OpenSees users, containing recordings (videos), PPT presentations and accompanying examples from web-based learning series. The topics covered in these learning series are targeted for users of all levels, from the first time users up to advanced users.

Materials from Past Workshops

  1. OpenSees Days 2011 slide presentations
  2. OpenSees Days 2010 Video of Presentations

Tools and Applications

  1. : a Real-Time Interface, graphical and scriptical, for Numerical Simulation in OpenSees
  2. OpenSees Navigator: A Pre- and Post-processor for OpenSees. Some basic tutorials on its usage can be found here