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Welcome to the OpenSeesWiki

OpenSeesWiki is a Wiki creation. The goal is simple: to provide information about OpenSees. Please explore the site and see what a great resource OpenSees can be..


OpenSees, the Open System for Earthquake Engineering Simulation, is an object-oriented, open source software framework. It allows users to create both serial and parallel finite element computer applications for simulating the response of structural and geotechnical systems subjected to earthquakes and other hazards. OpenSees is primarily written in C++ and uses several Fortran and C numerical libraries for linear equation solving, and material and element routines. The framework WILL BE covered in the developers section.

The goal of the OpenSees development is to improve the modeling and computational simulation in earthquake engineering through:

  1. new open-source code development
  2. education
  3. community discussion

A number of simple applications are provided to introduce new users and non-programmers to the OpenSees framework. All these applications are interpreters and they allow users to perform finite element analysis using a simple yet powerful scripting language. The analysis can look like plain text input files or they can be complex programs. It's up to the skills of the user. These applications are covered in the users section.

OpenSees Resources

OpenSees has two different classes of user and the information contained herein is similarly split:

  1. OpenSees User
  2. OpenSees Developer



The funding for the development and maintenance of the core OpenSees code was initially provided by the NSF-sponsored Pacific Earthquake Engineering (PEER) Center. No current support for OpenSees is provided.